Sunday, February 27, 2011

# 78 - Thought I'd tell ya'll what I do for a living

To put it plainly- I am a media planner who works in a media buying house.

But for people ( who are unfamiliar with the terms); it's the most complicated thing to wrap their minds around.

To start if off, most people in Pakistan, especially aunties, once they hear that you are working, for some God-knows-what reason, always assume that you are at a bank. It happens with me so often, and usually goes like this:

Random Aunite at Random Family Event ( to be now known as RARFE) : Sooo beta ( for my foreign friends, 'beta' is a term used to refer to someone who is or could be like your son/daughter) 'what are you doing now? Done with your studies?'

Me: 'Yes, I am. I'm working now'

RARFE: 'Ohh where.... at a bank ??'

Me:  'No, no I work at a media buying house.'

At this point the only word the auntie hears is 'media' , and subsequently goes on to envision everything negative that is associated with the word, especially here in Pakistan. She does not even think of it as press, or journalism, all that comes to her mind is this

Hanging out with drunk know, 'media people'

or this

Other bad stuff

[ For some God-knows-what-reason as well, most aunties also assume that the only respectable job a girl can have is at a bank. ugh.]

Me: ( Now totally recognizing the aunties expression, having seen it so many times): Yes, but it's not what you think....

RARFE: really?You know, the media industry here is not a place for respectable girls like you

Me: No, but see I work in advertising-

RARFE*Gaspppp*  ( At this point, I am a little worried that she might choke to death with all the gasping - and to tell you the truth, a little relived as well)

Me: No, but I deal with research- (  around this point I realize that it's no point in explaining and just end the conversation or let it dwindle off onto another topic.

Just to clarify, I love my work, but it does not involve the above at all, even though it is fun most of the time, at work I am like this:

thats me at work ( not really me, it's some random pic I Googled off the net)

and my computer screen looks like this

Ok- this is one thing. Another common thing which happens is this- with younger people usually, who have no qualms about the word 'media' but don't really know what media planning is

So what do you do?
I'm a media planner
What's that?
Well, the company I work for buys advertising space on televison and magazines and on websites and I place ads there according to the target audience.
Ohh you make advertisements!
No, I don't make them, I just make sure they get seen
Look, you don't just randomly place ads on tv right? You want to make sure the right people are watching them right? Thats my job, to place ads at the right time on the right channel
But how do you know what people are watching?
Research.. simple!
But thats not possible
Yes it is, we subscribe to software to help us find out- ever heard of TV ratings?
Yeah, but thats only in America
No, it's here as well
How is that possible?
Well, this is the 21st century you know..see.. there is company who selects a sample of people to...
(Waving away my explanation)  Oh you just put ads naa, what's the big deal in that?

I give up.

Questions anyone?   :)


  1. Ohmygod YES:

    I'm going to join college this July, only, I don't know what course I should do. I mean, I know I'd do Eng Lit if I knew what I could do after, but I'm basically bumming around Sociology, Economics, Psychology etc etc in my mind. My question is, what did you study in college? Is there a specific degree (Like Visual Communication) that you have to do to do what you're doing now? I realize I'm talking to you like you're my career counsellor, and I'm sorry for that! It's just, when I saw the words "Questions anyone? :)" my mind just flashed "GODSEND" so I typed all of this out.
    Thanks so much! Will be reading through the rest of your blog, now. C:

  2. wow your job sounds interesting! and those aunties sound moronic!

  3. @ Lionness:

    Wow, thanks. Haha I'm no career counselor please!

    I studied Advertising and Communication Management in college,which is a bit specialized but for a place like this, having a degree in marketing is good enough. Hell, we even have finance graduates who are doing what I do.
    I think that in the job market nowadays especially for marketing related jobs, your aptitude toward a certain field matters more than the type of degree you have!

    @Anon: Thanks! and yeah I swear, moronic they are!

  4. OMG SMOKEY. who was that aunty? SO DANGEROUS SHE SEEMS O.O
    Pakistani Media = that girl who comes on Vibe! whats her name? Mandira? MATHIRA! right?
    i think your job is loads interesting! TONS!
    and omg LionessWithoutAPride is the coolest person ever have you read her blog? go read it now go go go!

  5. I cracked up at "Banks, ugh" given that its 10:25 pm on a Sunday and I just got home from work (aka bank)!

    Don't let the aunties get to you, although I do wonder why God made so MANY of them :/

    P.S: Work humor is my current favorite topic, please keep it coming, I love it! :D

  6. Thanks so much, this has cleared up a LOT of confusion. Also, THANK YOU FOR THE FOLLOW!! :D That Furree. I'm going to have to pay her. For advertising me, I mean. :D

  7. Well its really hard to explain the point to one who really don't want to understand.

  8. Lol..I SO KNOWW what you meannn.. i wanna do media studies laterr on.. And that's pretty much the response i gee from retarded aunties and nani's. Sighhh

  9. @ Furree Cat: ahhah it is not one particular auntie, is a whole combination of them, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. LOL @ Mathira!
    and thank youu <3

    @Lioness: You're welcome! :)

    @Talha: You're right about that my friend!

    @ AL: haha yeah well let those aunties be, they live in the 18th century. You go do what you want girl! :)

  10. Omg. Weird aunty but seriously, aunties here in Pakistan are like thaattt. So bloody narrow minded and backward. I understand, Lol.
    And your job seems cool :D

  11. @ Shurin: Thanks!! :)

    @ Maryam: Thank you, yeah I swear, no one can escape them aunties

  12. HAHAHAHA I LAUGHED THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THING. You should've just slapped the kid who didn't get it. ;p

  13. @ Aseela: Hhaha thanks! :)

    I swear, I really should have!