Thursday, February 17, 2011

# 70- Protest Day 1

Captains log:
Stardate: 17022011 
1057 HRS

I hereby start my my week-long protest of not talking to anyone at work.

Not really working yet. 

I have already had pointless small talk with 3 people, the only worthwhile conversation with was my boss and my assistant and it was all work related anyway. About those 3 people, well, they are the ones I am least disliking right now so it was not that bad, but rules are rules and I am going to adhere to them.

The first picture which showed up when I Googled 'protest'

Ok, so as I mentioned in my last post, I am sick of everyone, and therefore need a break from unnecessary human interaction (cats are OK though)

So here it starts. Let's see how it goes. I am going to put on my head-phones now, all these people talking talking talking around me is so annoying. I love my work environment, but sometimes it's as noisy as a stock market amid a major crash.


Well, I better sign off now before someone peeks over my shoulder to see that I am not working, have a deadline to meet at 5.

I didn't even have breakfast. Just a few bites of an apple that began to smell really 'rusty'.. you know how that happens with apples? The whole iron thing they have going on.

This might improve my mood though:

I couldn't even find a decent picture online. bleh.


  1. "noisy as a stock market amid a major crash", well, sounds like an ad agency.

    And isnt iron always a touch over rated?

  2. haha, pretty close. It's a media agency actually.

    Yes, it is indeed.

    i love the captain log at the beginning of the post. very cool idea.
    cats are always okay :D

  4. don't be sick of everyone!=o though its good to have a break and avoid people sometimes. best of luck on that=)

  5. @ Furree: I know! But you told me once that you like apples and always eat the WHOLE thing, even the core! So how can you say that?! haha

    @ Anon: Thanks! :)