Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#67- Time for a change

I'm really quite tried of the way things have been going with me lately, I feel that I have been acting stupidly regarding too many things, overreacting, be too much, or sometimes responding too little. Its begun to agitate and annoy me now. Too many things just seem wrong lately. I need to stop having small everyday things which are TRIVIAL really, to effect me so much and get me down. I think something is wrong with the alignment of the stars 

Yeah, something like this.

 I am really beginning to think that I should STOP talking about myself, I earlier used to think that it is good and healthy to share and that it makes one lighter, but I think I do it too much- heck- I'm doing it right now on my blog! ( but that is permissible, I think)

I talk to too many people, I share my problems with too many of them, and here comes the big one: I am wayy to nice to too many people who don't deserve my 'nice-ness'. There I said it. I am so sick and tired of feeling so conflicted all the time as to what I said/didn't say might have been right or wrong. I am sick of trying to 'fix' things by 'doing' and 'saying' from today, vow, that I am going to accept that there are somethings that I just need to leave ALONE and let them  get fixed on their own.I just need to There are more important things I can do with my life, and me being super paranoid about everything does not really help either.

I'm so tried of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
So if you have to leave;
I wish that you would just leave 

So, there you go. Time for a change indeed. Let's hope it is positive and confidence-giving. I am going to post an update on my weight-loss goals next!


  1. YAY FOR CHANGE! and weight-loss goals for the win!

  2. Oh I wanna hear some evanescence right now. Hey it's alright to actually be vocal here at your blog with everything about you!! What's great about blogging is that you don't need to please everybody..and you just got to be you to make your blog a more better place.. not being so selfish there..

    but anyway! Yeah I totally agree about leaving things behind. Other things.

    We can't change everything.. it is just how it is.. we can't change people.. and we must learn how to appreciate other of who they are..same as they would appreciate us of who we are..


  3. I like this post for some reason. Change? Oh everyone wants it but its hard to bring.
    P.s I love your blog :D

  4. @Kamila: Oh,yeah I like Evanescence, but mostly I just like this song! Thanks, I know, a blog can be a blessing and so are people who are nice enough to follow and care to comment.

    @Mayram:Yes, it is very hard indeed one has to keep trying. but thanks! :D