Friday, September 23, 2011

# 108 - Frozen inside

Lately I've not been able to blog, not been able to comment on any of the blogs I follow ( sorry) not been able to read the books I want do, or meet the friends I miss. 

Work has lately been drowning and draining the life-blood out of me. I have not been able to think straight. I can't get my self to do anything apart from that, I feel like a zombie.

The only positive thing that I have managed to do is that I have been going to the gym (finally!) but that coupled with my unhealthy eating habits and irregular sleep patterns has done something strange. I have lost weight but my body chemical composition, fat percentage, bone mass etc has become worse! My trainer says that it is because I not drinking enough water and that I am actually...not eating enough at the right times. ( I was basically just having brunch and then dinner at work) I guess I need to rearrange that now.

I just needed to put things down on paper, so to speak to get this out of my head.I'll try to make more sense in my next post.

Monday, September 5, 2011

#107- The way I jinx electronics

Are you one of those people who somehow, without doing anything, manage to eventually ruin every piece of electronic machinery that they have? From MP3 Players to watches, nothing is safe.

Why does this happen and why does this happen only to me? In the past 7 years, I have been through 6 cellphones, a gazillion watches, 3 mp3 players, 3 laptops, 4 laptop chargers, and 10 mobile phone chargers. I am not careless, I take care of my things, I really do! But somehow they just manage to fall apart in my hands.

I think they ought to send to me disable those American nuclear devices that are hidden everywhere.