Thursday, February 24, 2011

# 75 - Protest Day 5

Ah well, It's still going on.

I think I am starting to intimidate people now. Even my Boss, ( who is usually real nice to me anyway) is being nicer than usual and not asking me to do too much work ( aaand I hope I don't jinx it now).

I hope I don't turn into a permanently grumpy person though, you know, the kind who have a scowl on their faces no matter what their mood is:

Yup, that's me. These days at least

Well, 5 semi-successful days, and a few more to go.

On another note, a dear friend dropped off a huge lot of movies at my place and he keeps asking me how I liked them. There were like 15 at least and till now I have only seen..... 1/3 of one.

I just don't feel like watching them nowadays. Ever since the TV in the outside lounge got repaired and I am saved from their -hogging-of-the-TV-to-watch-everything-except-that-what-I-want-to; I am catching up with the idiot box.


  1. lo...ull want to see em when ur friend takes em away =p
    kaun kaun si movies hain?
    goodluck with the grumpy mood... hope it goes away soon

  2. i love the LOLcat pictureee!
    i want to watch movieees! give them all to meee!
    ooh btw i was sitting in the lounge and watching The King's Speech with nanu, and from inside the upstairs room came a deafening noise, it was the theme song of LAADLI on full volume ahahahah that rubbish is STILL going on!!

  3. hehe i can do that,.,,,not talk to makes everyone sooo irritable :P m a silent tourcher:P

  4. @Talha: Thanks, It's been ages since I've enjoyed it!

    @Sana: ohh lots of movies, mostly action waley, Red, State of Play, Leaves of Grass etc etc. Thanks I hope so too!!

    @ Furree: hahha ok I'll get some this weekend! Someone else was also telling me about The Kings Speech, is it any good? hahah Laadli I swear the 'Pachaee-Jees' are still there and STILL creating trouble.

    @ Asma: Silence, is at times indeed, better than words!! :D ( Except on this blog) it is