Wednesday, July 20, 2011

# 105 - Take a walk with me.( Here we go again) – Part 1

I feel it coming once more, here we go again
Where? Where are you going?
Well, well are not literally going anywhere. I meant it metaphorically
I knew that, I was just saying.
Oh. Okay then. But let’s pretend we are going somewhere, would you like to walk with me?
Sorry, it is getting a little dark here.
Where are we by the way?
In the deep recesses of my mind
I see, is that why it is so dark in here?
It is not always so dark, sometimes there is light
Ok, but why not now?
I am not sure. I think I know the reason, but I might be mistaken.
Alright, shall we keep walking in the meanwhile?
Yes, I suppose we should, we need to find the light
It’s been a while now; do you even know where you are going?
I think I do, I hope I am not going around in circles.
Let’s just keep moving and see what happens.
I think I need to rest a while
But why? Why now? When you have almost gotten through the darkness?
I don’t ….. I don’t know. I don’t even know why I am doing this.
It is the right thing to do.
Are you sure? What if I should turn back?
That is something only you can answer for yourself.
If I could, then I wouldn’t be asking you
What I say does not matter. You need to decide for yourself.
You are right. Damn it. This place is like a maze….wait! I think I see some light in the distance
You do? That’s great! Let’s get to it!
No. Not right now. We must rest
Why? Its so close!
I know. I want to get there eventually But we must wait a while.
Ok, if you say so.
How much longer will we have to keep sitting here? I want to get a move on!
Not that long. Do you hear that?
Hear what?
That! That voice. It’s saying something
I can’t hear anything. Maybe only you are supposed to hear it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

# 104 - My city burns and my heart bleeds

I live in Karachi, one of the largest cities in the world. 18 Million people, a hundred different cultures, the industrial and commercial centre of the entire country, torn apart by warring political parties with innocent civilians getting caught in the crossfire.

We have become so immune to this violence that we simply forget what happens from one day to the other. 

I have some pictures of my city, and you will not believe that this is the same place....on different days of the same week.






How much longer will this go on for? For how long can we remain resilient before we completely break down?

Monday, July 11, 2011

# 103 - Random scraps of poetry and prose -*edit*

3I have a lot of things due on this blog. To give updates on my (trying) to eat healthy routine, my trying to save money , and write some book reviews. I am in a bit of a rush to do all that now, so I will just write about something else for now.

A while ago I wanted to write some prose on this blog, but then I decided against it. However, I would like to share some scraps of beautiful poetry/song lyrics that I have been hearing lately. I am sure that a lot of you must have heard them before, but I still wanted to share what was special to me.

First of all is ( at the risk of sounding so typical ) is a song from Coke Studio Season 4. 

For all those of you who are not from India/Pakistan, Coke Studio is a Pakistani television series featuring live music performances. The program focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan, including eastern classical, folk, and contemporary popular music. The show provides a platform for renowned as well as upcoming and less mainstream artists, from various genres and regions, to collaborate musically in live studio recording sessions - and this of course has been created and produced by Coca Cola- gaining immense popularity in Pakistan, it is now popular in India as well,with India producing their own version of the series.
Please, I request all non-Indians and Pakistanis here to google it, I am sure you all will find it very interesting. :)

So the song I was talking about is 'Panchi' ( Bird) - by the band 'Jal' and singer 'Quratulain Baloch'

Here is the link:

The translations are not exact, but they are done so to explain the 'essence' of the song
 Since this song is a real favorite these days, I have edited this post to add in the whole song :) 

Panchi Hoon,
urne do,urne do
Hawaoon se larne do

Raste galiyaan...chhodh aya main
bhoole vaade todh chala main..
ye raat abhi dhal jayegi..
ye baat abhi badal jayegi..

main tanha hoon..
rehne do, rehne do..hoo
aansu hoon,
behne do

Tere Ishq mein jo bhi doob gaya,
usay dunya ki lehron say darna kya?


I am a bird, let me fly,
let me fly
let me fight against the winds

I have left the old streets & roads behind
I have broken my long-forgotten promises
This night will pass 
These words will change

I am alone, let me be
I am a tear, let me flow

Whoever drowns himself in the love of God
does not need to fear the stormy tides of this worldly life

The next one is a song from a Bollywood movie,Delhi 6 called  'Arziyan' ( The requests)


Arziyaan sari mein chehre pe likh ke laaya hoon
Tumse kya mangu mein tum khud hi samjah lo
ya maulaaaa....

O Ek khusbu aati thi
O Ek khusbu aati thi

Mein bhatakta jata tha
Reshmi si maya thi
Aur mein takta jata tha
Jab teri gali aaya
Sach tabhi nazar aaya

Jab teri gali aaya
Sach tabhi nazar aaya

Mujhe mein woh khusboo thi
Jisse tune milwaya

( All my requests I have brought, written over my face
What do I ask of you,/ you perceive it all yourself....
O Lord, lord, lord, my lord,
O Lord...

A fragrance used to come,/ And I used to roam, lost,
It was a silken illusion,/ And I used to gape, aghast,
When I came to your street,/ I saw the truth...
The fragrance lay within me,/ you introduced it to me...)

Well these are two of the songs which I am really liking right now.

Basically the message they give is,  'you need not look too far to find the answers, everything you seek is already within you - and God can help you find yourself'

I will try and upload and entire playlist soon as well!
Hope it was inspiring!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

# 102- Titled Untitled

Remember the protest week that I had going on? Ah, it brought me such peace and quiet. I seem to have forgotten my leanings from that. I am now going to put it back into action again. (although not in such an extreme way)

There was been way too much information in my head lately. Need to clear it out, by letting it 'evaporate' instead of sharing. That is why I am not writing it here! :)

In other news, I really need to get back to reading. I used to spend at least 2-3 hours a day reading back in school, and now it just seems like there is not enough time. I really miss those days when I would spend hours with a book. Now I have decided that I will restart it again. It will make me also, stay at home more, which will lead to me;

1) Spending less money, which will in turn help me save money to execute my long-term 'master plan'.
2) Eat less food from outside and therefore eat healthier.
3) Have some semblance of peace and quiet in my life for a change. 

Here are some of the books of my to-be-read-list.
Typical China VS Russia Spy stuff- with probably America saving the world in the end *eyeroll*

Second part of an AMAZING series. Overshadowed only by Harry Potter and LOTR

Love anything & everything by him, so will read it regardless

Saturday, July 2, 2011

# 101- No time to breathe & cubicle wars.

This is the second of July and I am already going crazy. I have a favorite cousin over from Belgium and we together have a million things to do, a million relatives to meet and a million weddings to attend.

Along with all of that I have been going crazy with a cubicle war at work. There was this girl who went on maternity leave for a whole YEAR and when she came back she had her eye on this cubicle that I already had been sitting in. Since she is two levels of management senior to me, I think she was automatically assuming that I would quietly get up and move once she got there. *eye-roll*  This is exactly how the convo went:

Her: (Walking in and putting all her things on my desk) Hello how are you?
Me: ( Looking at her in shock WTF is she doing!) :Er... hi ( get your stuff off my desk!)
Her: Oh so will  I be sitting HERE? ( pointing to where I was ALREADY sitting)
Me: (Trying to look as calm as possible) Er.. I am sitting here!
Her: ( Giving an EVIL smile, and patting me on the head): NOT FOR LONG......
Me: :S.......

Anyway, I KEPT on sitting there and she kept hovering around my desk hoping I would move- I didn't dare. I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. By the end of the day, I was feeling sick. But least I held on to the place. 

I may have won the battle but the war is not over yet! Let's see what happens on Monday.