Tuesday, February 1, 2011

# 65 - My Blogger Award -Part 2 and long over due

Hello All,

Yes, sorry been gone for ages. Just busy with life, bleh.

Ok I am going to get over with this as soon as I can before I lose my resolve:

7 Things about myself:

  1.   I am a cat person, I love cats, that is why my alias is Smokey Cat
  2.  I love crosswords; they are my favourite time-killing past time, but now scrabble has been added to the mix
  3. I can eat 3 times as much as I usually do, I just control myself so I don't go all 'beach ball' I have lost 8 pounds since I began this blog and I am very proud of that
  4. I am obsessive about my cellphone(s)
  5. I love to read, a good book makes warms my heart and makes me feel all happy and fuzzy
  6. I find blogging very therapeutic, when I am feeling down it makes me feel happy
  7. I bought a pair of grey jeans yesterday and I am very excited about them ( ok this was lame, sorry)
Ok here are they people I want to award

Furree Katt for The Jackky Bhagnani Obsession she has awesome journalistic skills for someone so young and her life updates always touch the heart.
Kamila for  Basket of Dreams her posts always give you something to smile about.
That Blonde Guy for The Nerd Archives this guy writes amazing, he could be a writer one day.
Experiment House for Pocket Spiral Notepad for very entertaining snippets of random topics- the kind of blog I like a lot.
Zabrinah for How not to fall in love - Very sound advice on human nature and matters of the heart.

I don't even follow more than 10 blogs, ( not because I am choosy, because of I barely get time to update my own blog, I don't want to follow a million and then neglect the ones I follow)

OK done!

Yaay, and hopefully will update something worthwhile to read soon, I have some ideas in my head


  1. awww thank you so much! jornalistic skills O.O
    my life updates TOUCH YOUR HEART?! that made me happy.
    i love you!
    itnay kum full stops hein aapkay post mein, quite intriguing. :P how's it going with xb? jamila bano. :P

  2. I'm kind of in love with the name of your blog.

    Just saying.