Monday, February 14, 2011

# 69- Title in Progress

And that is how it shall remain. It's 6:00 pm and I am still sitting at work, deciding whether to go home and get some exercise (finally) or to stick around and attempt some work.

I think I shall go home. Today was a mildly annoying day. Remember the post I posted about change? Well, I have been working on it, not talking much, keeping to myself, and it is STILL so annoying that now they happen to be so many people that just cannot seem to mind their own business!

Asking and asking questions that they have no business to ask and it's really starting to get to me now, I mean like, I don't constantly hound anyone for info, so should they do it to me?

 Thats it! I am going to step it up a bit, I am not going to start ignoring people now!! I can't have people just assuming bakwaas ( rubbish) about me.


  1. i hate people like that! it's okay to be concerned and to inquire but not be nosy and probe-y. lol.

  2. I went (I should say am coz it never stopped) through the exact same issue.

    Every time I'm out of my seat for about 10 minutes this one nosy (recently married. ugh) colleague keeps texting and asking "tum kahan ho? kab wapas aogi?" or when I get back to my seat he asks "where've you been? hmm I sense something wink wink" so I decided to have a protest-ignore-everyone-week when ANOTHER colleague decided to find out why I was so "sad and upset"..dude I swear I gave up! I forced a smile on my face just so he would stop throwing the rapid fire questions at me! People will just not.stop.being.nosy. its hopeless, I've tried everything..lemme know if you figure it out!

  3. protest-ignore-everyone week! I love the idea, you put my thoughts into words!

    Sometimes it feels so good to ignore everyone;
    Headphones and loud music zindabad.

  4. I totally hate nosy people..! People find entertainment to other's business..and I don't know why..

  5. I know Kamila, that's so true.

    I am SO going have a "protest-ignore-everyone-day" now


  6. I did headphones and loud music..but my boss kept getting annoyed when i wouldn't answer coz I couldn't hear him :P Let me know how it works out! I really do feel your pain though :(