Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My new Blog

Hi everyone!

I have started blogging again but this time with my own name, not an alias :)

I still want to keep this blog somewhat private so I won't post the link here but I will message each of you on your blogs individually if I can and send the link there.

Please do check my blog out and follow me if you wish! :D

Thanks and love!

Smokey Cat

Friday, January 13, 2012

113 # - The Return

I don't know why I really haven't been able to write for the longest time. A while ago I think I even forgot that I had a blog, or that I used to blog, or that a world existed where I would to explore, share my thoughts, and read what others have to say. This was a place where I would come to when I felt down and let all my thoughts and feelings out, so why did I stop?

I guess life got in the way, some bad, mostly good. Thank fully. But I realize now that that is no reason not to write, or to stop. After all, this blog I know will always be there, whenever I need it, so it would be wrong if I just left it here, and let it be, like it wasn't ever there.

So much to catch up on, I really haven't been doing much except for work. There have been other changes, major changes in my life. But I think they deserve a blog post of their own :)