Friday, February 18, 2011

# 72 - Protest Day 2

Ah the 2nd day of my protest and the weekend is already here. I suppose that happened since I started it in the middle of the week.

As of course, it had to happen that today was the day that so many people just wanted to talk to me,and be extra nice to be for God-knows-what reason. It did, admittedly make me feel a little smug about the whole thing. There I was busy working way, head phones blaring on loud, listening to angst-y teenage music ( Eminem) which was fueling my bad mood further, but did manage to speed up my work for some reason as well.

I was doing fine but then 

(voice behind me) [insert my name] !!! what are you doiiiing?
Me: Nothing, I'm working
voice: Why do you look so saaaad?
Me; I don't. I'm busy
voice: hey you have some movies I  could borrow?
Me: Not now!
Voice: i want to eat a big sandwhich from Dunkin Donuts!  ( this was a hint for me to accompany him)

At this point I gave the person such a dangerous look that he just thought the better of it and stopped the conversation. I felt a little bad though,he's one of my best friends at work, and also as mentioned before, one of the people I am least disliking right now, but what to do?

Sometime later ( from various  co-workers):

Hey! We are ordering Mcdonalds! want some?

Hey, here! have a cookie ( A packet of oreos comes flying from above and lands *SPLAT* on my laptop, breaking half  of them)

 Hey why arent you eating any food?

 Here! I got you a coffee sachet! 

Hey, you want some jellybeans?........

Hey, whats wrong why do you look like a zombie today?  ( yeah that happened too)

At which point  just decided to pack up and go home. Well, at least I got cookies,jellybeans and a free cup of gourmet coffee.

I plan to keep my protest on though, not against anyone, now it's more just for me.


  1. i'm sorry but i found this SO funny.

  2. OMG, I can't live my life without talking...

  3. Ugh, I hate when people can clearly see you're not in the mood to talk or do anything, but they insist on trying to "cheer you up" (even when they don't know what's wrong). Yuck. Just leave me alone!!!

  4. @ Kamila: haha me too, but I have decided that I talk too much and need to stop!

    @ experiment: I know! im sure those people mean well, but one does wish they would leave you alone.