Saturday, March 5, 2011

# 80 - Teenage Dream and why I am stuck here today?

Why o why is thing song stuck in my head?  It's so old and still humming it without realizing!

You think I'm pretty
Without any make-up on

Isn't  it so cute when someone tells you that?

Anyway, the weather is beautiful today, perfect for a drive at the beach or a walk down the street, and what am I doing? Stuck at HOME looking out the window, and wishing that I could go somewhere and do something fun outdoors.

I do have to go, for a haircut, but that also means shelling out a nice sum of money and just sitting indoors, I want to go, like go-karting or something. Fat Chance of that happening.

You and I
We'll be young forever
You make me

Feel like
I'm living a Teenage Dream

You know, there are some people in your life -and not necessarily a love interest, they can be friends or relatives, or co-workers who, no matter how old you get,always make you feel young, you can be a kid with them, go crazy, act wild and feel like a teenager even if you're 70.

I was just thinking that I am so blessed to have a few such people in my life.


    Teenage Dream is a good song to hum. it's not that annoying when it gets stuck in your head. :D

    the weather really is awesome. i want to have a picnic in a park. not a park here though, of course :P

    OMG, am i included in 'some people'?! i love you. SO MUCH. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Haan I know, It's quite a nice song, I saw the video also, I liked how it looked so 80s.

    Yes you are included!! Love you too!! <3

  3. Teenage Dream. Damn. I love this song. I was so obsessed with it, weeks ago. ♥

  4. Why do girls love this song so much?

  5. Just realized, you're from Karachi, Pakistan!!!! So am i! :D This is soo cool, I'm finding so many fellow pakistanis through blogs :D Bohat achi baat ha :D Though I dont live in PK, but in Europe :D


    The Creative Muslimah @

  6. I love this song and stck on me too.

    *You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong..!*

    Nice blog and you got urself a new follower.


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  8. Though I havent havd a chance to listen to this song, but I am sure it must be good. And not to mention I always thought that women (most of them anyway) do look far more desirable without the modern cosmetic measures, make up etc!

  9. @Maryam: Yeah, the song is easy to get stuck in ones head! :)

    @Blonde Guy: I dunno, why do crabs move laterally?

    @Creative Muslimah: Yeah, I am, a Karachiite to the core :D, do you miss being in PK?

    @Hamza: Thanks! Good to know ya! :) Will vist your blog for sure.

    @ Great Liar: Welcome Back, I noticed you vanished for a while. Well I guess the secret is to put on makeup in a way that it's not obvious that makeup is on, get it?.... er no?
    it's ok, it's a girl thing!

  10. @Smokey_Cat: Well, in that case, I certainly didn't get it! :)
    (And yes, kind of got busy with few things, have to find time for the novel I am working on, and plus the 5 days of office, u know how the corporate rituals are! ... Thanks)