Friday, February 25, 2011

# 76 - Protest Day 6 , the long awaited weekend, and my learnings from this week of protesting

Ok. Today was the sixth day of my protest, and this is what I have learnt so far, if you start to ignore everyone:

1) Annoying People at work will get intimidated by you and give you more respect
2) Your friends will keep asking whats wrong and be so worried for you, you will need to pretend everything is ok
3) People who sometimes bug you ( just for the fun of it) will think you are mad at them and be unusually nice to you ( I got 2 chocolate cookies today and a subway sandwich for free!- ok that just sounds cheap)
4) The or two people whom you really care about, will be genuinely worried for you, even though you might  have confided in them have given them a hint that your protest week is going on
5) Your boss will be extra nice to you, even if they are nice already
6) People will think you are angry at them, and approach you with caution.
7) You feel a weird sense of calm

But I have also learnt that one cannot keep a protest on forever, it has to tone down and eventually end. Being a hermit never solves anything. But in due time and small doses.

Thank you for supporting me throughout my protest. There are still 4 more days to go 
( re-starting Monday) 

I hope  that during this weekend I will post somethings that are less... self absorbed, you know like on global warming or something That's my next step, to blog about more socially relevant topics.


  1. I get you, I slip into the occasional fit of misanthropy, too. I find that the best strategy is to talk to them non-stop, though. Benefits?
    1. The bastards can't slip in a word.
    2. After a day of this deadly treatment they get bored and don't even try.
    Works like a charm, hehe. But I like your style.

  2. looks like your protest brings about loads of positiveness (for you), and OMG socially relevant topics, EYE wonder what

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  4. @ Vickyvp: Oh God. I would never be able to do that ( talk non-stop) it would probably make me physically ill! :)

    @ Furree: Thanks and yes, the cogs are turning in my mind for the posts, hope I manage to get it soon.

    @BoundlessTech: You are welcome and Thank you!

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  6. @ HS: Even though you are probably a spambot. Thank you for your comment!

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