Sunday, October 31, 2010

# 38- Incy Wincy Spider(s)

Who likes Spiders? No one really. But as of late I have been forced to make acquaintance with them as a couple of them ( and they really are a couple) have made their home in my bathroom and just refuse to go.

I don’t really know what to do, I am not sure how to evict them and I don’t want to be all evil and KILL them so I decided to  pretty much just let them to be their own lives- provided they don’t interfere with mine.

Pervy Male Spider
There is a Mrs. Spider who lives near the window above the pot and she just SITS there all they catching a random mosquito or some other tiny insect that happens by and when ever I climb up to see if she is still there she runs and HIDES under the grill as if I am stupid and won’t know she is there! I almost did away with her, but then felt sorry for her husband, who also by the way resides in the same room. He by the way- is a real perve! I never see him around except when you know, one WANTS to be alone in the washroom and all of a sudden he will be there staring at you. very very rude.

The In-denial female Spider
Only yesterday I was there brushing my teeth when all of a sudden I see him happily making his way around the sink, I had a sudden impulse to drown him right there! But then I thought of his poor wife who sits there and catches food for him all day, ( even though he SO does not merit it ) ( Seriously girls, whats with all the self sacrifice? Some guys just DON’T deserve it!

Anyway, I have somehow learnt to live with these two, its been a couple of weeks now and I have not suffered any spider bites and since Dengue season is here, I hope these two will repay my hospitality keep those dammed mosquitoes at bay,

Anyway here are some photos for proof. They are very low res-but my phone camera sucks. I had to rewrite the labels on TOP of each photo in case you are wondering what that scribble is.

And my bathroom is  not as crappy as it looks in the photos, believe me, the camera REALLY sucks

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