Saturday, October 9, 2010

# 27 P and PC

Parents and Pop Culture.

I believe this is an even more entertaining combo than the previous one! – ( Don’t think I am  making fun of parents, its just that this is too good to ignore) Anyway, keeping in mind the mood of my previous post- Our parents grew up in a time where idols were people like Elvis, Beatles, Amitabh and the rest. Superheroes and heartthrobs would be strong righteous men who fight the bad guys, save the world, kill the monster and then get the girl in the end. These are what the youth used to look up to- before they were replaced with what are now mostly effeminate glittery teenage vampires whose biggest challenge is overcoming the peer pressure at high school. :P

Like I said before, we were able to adapt and accept. Our parents…eh. Well, you know how it goes :

To start of I present to you an excerpt from one of my previous blog posts, which by the way, you can you, if you choose to do so, ( and please do please please ) Again its starring my dad, and no, I am not picking on him, it’s just a coincidence that funny things happen  with him!

Once (a long time ago, of course, as in probably 10 YEARS ago) I was listening to this song at home and my dad is like, "who is the singer you are listening to?” and i am like "oh its the back street boys!!" :D and he's like " what the hell? bastard boys? what kind of horrible names do bands have these days! hmph!!'and I’m like "no no dad Back-STREET boys” and he's like "ohhh Battery boys, I see , now that makes more sense!

Another time we were being a long lecture by my ninth grade English teacher about how we kids take it for granted that the “oldies” as she called it, did not know anything about the lastest in what was going on in the entertainment world. She said, “ of course I know what you kids listen to these days! I have young kids too you know, I know all about BRITNEY HOUSTON AND WHITNEY SPEARS’…

Of course this upcoming incident really takes the cake:

A few days ago I out from my room to get a glass of water from the kitchen, I passed by the lounge where I saw my dad sitting watching tv very intently. I went to take a closer look and I saw ( in shock) that he was watching…. Twlight. I stood there frozen for a few seconds unable to move or to believe my eyes. I finally went up to him and asked

Me: Dad… WHAT are you watching
Dad: Oh I am watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE
Me: ( Now trying to keep a straight face, and continued innocently) Really? Is it any good? Whats the movie about?
Dad: Haan.. well its not bad… its ok let see. I don’t know what its about, there is something up with the pale white boy
Me: Really?
Dad; Yeah, I Guess we will find out later
Me: ( now being able to take it any longer) dad! He is a VAMPIRE
Dad: oh ho! Why did you tell me! You spoilt the whole movie! You told me the ending!
Me: hahah, abbu! That’s what the movie its supposed to be about, and its for teenagers not for you, please don’t watch it!!
Dad: why? Whats wrong with it?
Me: well you see this other guy? He’s a wearwolf! – and it’s about a teenage love triangle between them! ( a little surprised at myself at having that much knowledge about the story)
Dad: Really?
Me: Yeah now pleases don’t watch it! It's lame!
Dad: haha ok ok..

I went away back to my room and when I came back an hour later I saw Edward zooming across the screen in the air and my dad was STILL sitting there!

Ah well, to each their own   :)

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