Sunday, October 10, 2010

# 30 - Can't Sleep. Won't Sleep

It's almost 4 am, in fact by the time I finish writing this is will be way past four, and I cannot sleep. I hate it when you stay awake past 2 am and then you get past your sleeping threshold and then it's just....insomnia. That's the time when I spend searching for random articles online, download random songs, go through photo albums of the random est  people on facebook ( who by the way, have no idea what 'privacy settings' mean, - and which does not really matter anyway since facebook sells all our info to third party marketers anyway- you seriously think Mark Zukerberg or what ever his name is that innocent? How do you think he became a billionaire at 25?)   

I have digressed. As I was saying, I hate this time of the night, it makes me think of every thing wrong with the world, even if something is not that bad, the night seems to magnify the issue, which makes sleep go away even further, I hope they daytime comes soon, things always seem better in the daytime.

At least I am home though- I feel safe- At least in someway.

Yup it's past four am now, I think it should be daylight in an hour or so, I hope it comes soon, I am contemplating going for an early morning walk and then coming back and sleeping till the afternoon-which should hopefully help while away the Sunday- oh did I mention I totally dislike Sundays?.... They used to remind me of going to  my  nanis house for lunch, or being taken to sea view for a drive, or a family get together or picnics.Now they just hang over my head telling me that Monday is right around the corner-

Growing up sucks.

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