Saturday, October 2, 2010

# 22 - it is so NOT ironic

So I finally made that long put-off trip to the dentist and got my teeth scaled, as half the world already knows and I even took the enitre day off for it ( although I didn't really need to) :P .( on second thought, my boss or co-workers might be reading this, so yeah I really was ill...honest!! :s )

It was so funny, I had been planning the trip for the past week and was really excited about it. I spent like fifteen minutes cleaning my teeth, using mouth wash and flossing before I went so as to put a good impression my denist, which is kind of ironic, cause well you know....Actually I don't know if ironic is the way to describe it, I try to avoid using the word 'irony' altogether cause its so bloody confusing, and EVERYONE ALWAYS uses it the wrong way, it so ironic... NO its not!! :P

Anyway, so yeah I finally went there and I was really scared, plus my dentists attitude does not really help, he has the weirdest bedside manners EVER ( and NO, bedside manner is not what you think it is, my doctor friends would know, the rest of you might, or might not...isnt that ironic... NO IT IS NOT  *eye roll*)  anyway, so yeah, he has this annoying habbit of treating everyone like they are about 5 years old. Even though he must he what, thirty?..... (isn't that ironic?  NO IT IS NOT YOU FOOLS!!!)

Yeah so he's like "Heloo Betaaa, what happened with your teeeeth, ate too much candy now did weeeee?? lets see, do aaaaaa"  uff it really ticked me off-

Anyway, he told me not to have tea,coffe,soft drinks or any spicy food for the next week, and I have managed to consume all of those withn 24 hours of going to him- and no, thats not ironic either.


  1. HAHA! this is really funny. you're a good writer! i hate using the word 'irony' too, because people usually take the wrong meaning which they think to be the correct meaning, but what they think is correct is actually wrong, you know what i mean?