Monday, October 11, 2010

# 31- Why so serious?

I have been getting feedback from friends,family and some followers that my posts have over all been very depressing and sad. Really? I didn't notice that much- honest! Ok. I agree I have not been bouncing off the walls with happiness lately- these are bad times for everyone, but I am not depressed per se, just going through the motions like one does off and on.

On a happier note, Elvis came into the world a few days ago (yeah that is the cat I am planning to adopt) I have not seen him yet, neither do I know if he is even a boy cat (ahhaa boy cat, I don't like saying male) but still I am excited! I get to have some company at home while I sit for hours on end at my laptop working on what most people think is a depressing blog  :P

What I think the cat will look like,cause his parents look this way:


  1. Are you kidding? Depressing posts are the very best sort! And I certainly hope you are not bouncing off the walls! That is a prime symptom of insanity!

    Um...I'm pretty sure Elvis wasn't a cat. Being the King of Rock requires opposable thumbs.

    I like your blog! Especially the title! Especially especially the wee little clip art that accompanies your title!

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, depressing posts are, I must admit, quite fun to write,but one can't really overdo it

    Nope, Elvis was not a cat,but this cat is gonna be Elvis!

    and Thank you again :)

  3. i think funny posts are the best sort, actually!
    haha how can you have fun writing depressing ones :P

    btw, your 'follow me' is FUNNYYY

  4. Thanks Furee Kat!
    I actually decided to change it after feedback from you! Meow!

  5. Total black cats are the awesomest \m/

  6. DeeDee: yeah they are nice, but it's hard to find CUTE black cats, mostly they look like -_-