Thursday, October 7, 2010

# 24 - The Matrix

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? That your every move is monitored and judged. Every email and text message (gasp!) known to the world. That everyone you ever trust with something that could ruin you is actually telling that to everyone?

No, I am not some paranoid freak (Although I am some of the time) but sometimes I feel that you cannot trust anyone. That we are all being observed, every movement, every slip up noted down and noticed. (Yes, I know God is watching, but that’s the positive side to it) I’m taking about a dark, negative man-made force. One that you always need to be wary of, the one that’s just waiting to screw you over.

It’s a scary thought, one that I don’t like pondering on much but sometimes it’s there. Its makes me want to stop talking to people, to weigh every word I say. Because once you say it out loud, or press the send button on that text, it’s gone, its out there man, and you cannot get it back no matter what you do. How many times has one said something or sent a text and then instantly regretted it? Ah, I see many hands up in the air, yes my friends; it’s a sad dilemma of human nature. We cannot shut ourselves in and if we dare to put our selves out there then we should least anticipate the (potential) consequences.

By the way, I just realized I am totally contradicting myself , I have a blog for Godsakes and I’m putting mind out  for the whole world to read! That is a scary thought, yes. But I guess no one is perfect, I am going to take the (not-so-calculated) risk. Hey, at least I’ll be popular ( Oh Gawd, how shallow was that?)  :S