Thursday, November 18, 2010

# 50- Eid, long weekends and loving goats

Eid Holidays and a five day weekend! A rare occurrence but nevertheless a welcome one. It's been a long time since I have had a long holiday like this- it's good, although just a little bit boring. Most of this Eid is spent in... you know how it is, I don't need to describe it.

Anyway, since almost everyone has their own funny goat-related stories to tell, I am going to tell mine; we had two goats which we kept at an aunts house, since they have a nice garden with lots of space for them to roam about. Really cute they were milling around seemingly oblivious to their impending doom- or were they? I don't really think so; cause my cousin saw them two days ago going full 'brokeback mountain' on each other if you know what I mean- yes they were both MALE. I think they were just trying to make the most of their last days. I am not going to judge- it's a free world. I was thinking that it would be funny if they were mountain goats, cause then I could call them 'Brokeback Mountain-Goats' :D

Well, that was yesterday, and this is today. The goats are gone and I am going console myself on their loss with a nice plate of lamb chops  * evil smile*

This is not really a picture of one of the goats, I just googled it and put this one on, I forgot to take any pictures of them


  1. HAHAHAHA! you posted this! i did not even think of the brokeback mountain goat connection, that was reallllly good.

  2. You clever, clever kitten!! That's hilarious! Rainbow Power!!