Thursday, November 4, 2010

# 42- groceries and more

I heart grocery shopping, and I love grocery stores, especially the bright,shiny air-conditioned ones with wide aisles, and all the colorful things they have so nicely arranged on the shelves. * sigh!* For some reason, they make me happy, lighten my heart and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Grocery shopping is like a fun outing for me, as lame as it might seem to most of you. I take the biggest trolley I can find and zoom around the isles, looking at things, comparing prices, reading nutrtiional info, checking and rechecking my shopping list to see if anything else is needed. My favorite is course, the food section - no surprises there. I have a million recipes in my head and try see what all I can experiment with.

There are somethings which I hate in these self- service grocery stores, one of which are those damned BTL marketing people who stand there/follow you around with convincing to you buy/try something which you obviously don't have time for. It happened with me one time that I was happily going through the cereals section (hmmm Blueberry Special K or chocolate wheatabix?.. decisions  decisions..) Anyway my very important thought process was interpreted by this female in the wildly maroon coloured clothes and  bad make up:

 Her:'Hellooo Maaam, how are you?"
Me: "Err... I'm fine, I guess"
Her: "Great, I wanted to tell you, that did you know that hair loss is the number # 1 hair problem for women today"
Me: ( quickly adjusting my hair, trying to see if my bald spot was visible- damn it for me I am so short that most people can very easily see the top of my head :p) "Uh... really? Um...I didnt know that......"
Her: " Yes, and I think YOU could use this hair fall prevention cream it is.....dadadadda..." 
( after  which I pretty much zoned her out and just smiled and nodded hoping that she would shut up, and made my escape at the first opportunity I got)

Ok- moving on to the more pleasant aspects of the grocery store -Loyalty Cards! I simply love them, and I have one for my favorite  grocery store in the....well, city. ( I won't say which particular place I am talking about since I might have some potential stalkers who might be reading my blog and/or following me around - but let me assure you that loyalty cards are amazing, not only they give you discounts, but cash back as well which you can use whenever ones pocket becomes light. 

I HATE it when people do not have any courtesy while navigating themselves though the aisles, they just push you aside like it's not groceries, but Gul Ahmed having its annual 70% off sale.Please people- grocery shopping is an art, a very under-appreciated simple joy of life- cherish it.


  1. You always were my fav author!

  2. haha, can't believe I read a post on grocery shopping and actually really enjoyed it.

    Great post!