Tuesday, November 16, 2010

# 48 - The pursuit of Happiness!

I wonder sometimes what is that makes a person happy, or what exactly causes a person to ‘find’ happiness. Is it luck? Karma? The fruits of your prayers? Hard work? No one really knows.

My dear readers, although I know most of you are young (like me) but are probably wise beyond your years ( unlike me) as you take out the time and effort to read my lovely blog, tell me, do you think it is true that a person can never be truly successful/happy/loved unless they are happy with themselves first? And that no one can feel good about you unless you feel good about yourself? Not ‘feel good’ in a proud way, but being content with oneself as an individual.  You know, the whole ‘loving yourself before you can truly love others’ thing – Others bring friends, family or whatever else. The logic behind this is I assume if you don’t need anything for yourself- as you are already content- then you can give freely to others. Make sense?  :S

Maybe there is some truth to this- if we keep pondering about how much our life sucks or  keep whining and complaining all the time- will it really help us feel better? No one likes a cry baby-

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