Sunday, November 7, 2010

# 45 Sunday 'Bizarre'.....

Finally Finally after ages there was something fun to do on a Sunday. i.e Sunday Bazaar shopping! I finally convinced my dad to take me along with a couple of my cousins. We left at about 12 pm and after hours of walking around in the heat, the sand and sun we back home covered head to toe in dust with our 'spoils of war' and it was totally worth it.

I love shopping at Sunday Bazaar, there is nothing that one cannot find there- from fake Gucci bags ( which look quite real) to Chinese rabbits to exotic vegetables which would even put the imported vegetables at Ebco/Aghas to shame. Do you know you get fresh broccoli there? At one-sixteenth the price and three times and fresh that would get at any fancy grocery store here. A real bargain if you are trying your best to eat healthy like me and are force- feeding yourself broccoli so I can feel cool that I am eating American Type vegetables. :p ( that was a joke- I swear! Down with America!- ok that was a joke too- please don’t shut down my blog Mr. Google :s)

Ok enough with the digressing;

Of course my favorite thing to get from there is BOOKS, books and more books. It is a book lover’s paradise! ( I know there are other places in Karachi where you get even cheaper books with a wider variety, but that’s too far away :P) Every time I go there I buy a truckload and I never get to finish reading them even until my next trip when I go buy even more books and so my book-unread book pile is growing more than ever.

Anyway back to Sunday Bazaar- one gets to observe so many interesting things there- I went to the bag section to see if there was anything good I could find – and I saw this woman at one of the stalls looking at wallets from all brands around the world. She picked up this little brown one which had .C.H.A.Y.N.AL printed in bright gold on its front, and her convo with the shop keeper went something like this:

Woman: Yeh wallets imported hain?
Shopkeeper: haan baji, imported!
Woman: (Picking up the C.H.AY.NA.L wallet) ‘Kya yeh original Chanel hai?”
Shopkeeper: Haan Baji. 100% original! From Paris!

I stood there watching in amusement and shock, I had at least expected him to say “First Copy hai”, and I almost went up to that female to tell her she was being made what was the first four letters of the “original brand”  but then I was like forget it- The shopkeeper has to earn. and the poor lady will at least have the happy feeling that she has an original Chanel- it’s better than no Chanel at all! Right?! So I decided to step back and let things take their natural course: P

Now feeling very satisfied with my good deed done for the day, I moved on to the next stall which was selling some rather good stuff for everyday wear at a great price, it even had a very creative poster which would one at least come and take a peek to see what was being sold- what are these 50 ROPES?? :D

Till the next Sunday Bazaar update then-


  1. HAHA you took a picture of 50 Ropes! and for the longest time i thought it ACTUALLY meant that everything hanging on the 'ropes' was sold for 50 rupees! took me like three months to get what was so funny -.-
    i had fun with you. and LOL i am your niece not your cousin. i'm like your half cousin-niece! did you start reading the book yet? i didn't, i'm actually scared to. o.O

  2. haha I had fun with you too!!!
    Half-Cousin neice, whatever, you are tall enough to be my cousin so that is what I shall call you.
    Nope have not read it yet,it is short stories so I can just read it off and on, I'll prob read later at night.

  3. At least getting a first copy Chanel bag is better than pretending to be named that. That is all i have to say. Good day!

  4. Xaneb,

    je ne comprende paassss what you said