Saturday, November 6, 2010

# 44- Eat.Pray....***PUKE***!!

Yes, that is EXACTLY how I felt after I saw this movie. THIS is what was supposed to be like a super hit? What has happened to peoples standards, I cannot believe people actually thought this movie was full of wisdom and enlightenment; it's more like Paulo Cohelo threw up all over it after eating some slightly off 'Chicken soup for the Soul' The movie is a blatant display of everything that is wrong and warped about the western world.

Ok, there is woman who is happily married, has a husband who loves her and a great job, she has friends, and lives in New York or something and thus I am sure she does not face any water or electricity problems like we do....and she is stilll unhappy! I mean what the-? Talk about being thankless! No wonder she is unhappy, she suffers from the main problem that plagues the western world ( and by the way is now starting to effect ours) it is : CHRONIC DISSATISFACTION......CHRONIC DISSATISFACTION! that is what it is! That one is NEVER happy with what they have, they always want more more and more, with no matter what they get from life. It is a example of being absorbed so much in your own petty, selfish world  that nothing matters but what YOU want and how YOUR problems are more important than anyone elses. It is no surprise that American divorce rates are so high and that the family structure is so easily crumbling, because movies these are encouraging people to live for themselves ALL the time, instead of for others. - Ok giving yourself some importance is good, and needed sometimes- but it needs balance, you are not alone in this world.

Julia Roberts is one of favorite actresses but I so disappointed with the character that she chose to play in this move- it was cliched beyond words- and annoying! I mean just look at her - breaking promises and those poor guys hearts like she does have a thing called a conscience - just cause she wants to what is that phrase again "find herself" Find herself my foot- no wonder she spends most of the movie being unhappy- it is karma biting her in the ass!

It is very difficult to really feel sorry or empathize with the main character- just because it is too unreal- and shallow- she thinks she has problems, she has lived her life in upper class New York and when she has a crises- she takes a first class trip around the world to solve them- how does that address a real persons problems?-not exactly inspiring- it is the stuff of teenage dreams and those people who think Mills and Boon is quality reading material *puke yet again*

Way too much escape-ism in this movie for me- I'd like to see you face the real world. BITCH  :D


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. your best post till now!

  2. i seriously regret giving u dat dvd! hahahahahaha

  3. @ Furee: hahaha thanks

    @ Talha: Don't regret it, it was fun to write the post!


    If you look at it, most people are like this and if we had that much money, we'd do the same.

  5. well then good for us we don't have that much money!! haha