Monday, November 8, 2010

# 46- Breaking Free &The smell of winter time

Winter is the air! Finally, after months and months of melting in the heat, it is finally here. Yes, we have to put up with chapped lips and dried out skin and hair-but it's definitely worth it. I love it when you can smell the winter- it got that distinctive whiff that dries your nose from the inside and has this sharp pine like smell- love it.

 It makes me feel a multitude of emotions at once happy, hopeful, pensive, sober, sometimes sad and reminiscent or sometimes it just makes me day dream. I love wintertime nevertheless. At least I get to dress in my cute winter gear and look all….cute.

On another note, I feel that I am slowly molecule by molecule, breaking free of old habits and ways. I suffer the occasional setback, but I shake it out of my mind and set myself back on track again. ( I am not a recovering alcoholic or anything like that- but I might as well be- what I was on was the worst drug in the universe- IGNORANCE.) Maybe for the first time in a long time I am beginning to see clearly and I pray that God that I keep getting the clarity that is very slowly, like slime off a wall,seeping in. 
It’s a slow painful process, but it’s there- and where there is slime, there is hope.

(Ok, that did not come out as nearly as poetic as I had hoped)


  1. Cute snowman. i am so glad its winter, even the load shedding is over! i currently cannot smell the niceness of winter because my nose is blocked. :(
    Slime reference is funny :P

  2. Slime-like clarity... can't say you're intellectually lazy! Keep exercising those grey cells :)