Wednesday, November 3, 2010

# 41- Oh!

This blog, as I have mentioned countless times before was originally intended to be a diet blog which would follow my endeavors of weight loss and get me motivated to lose these annoying extra ten pounds that I have been carrying around ever since I started working.

Never really got around to that though, I just seem to write about every random thought that comes to my head. I am over all ok with it, but then sometimes I see the other blogs that people write. People who work in the advertising/media industry like I do and along with their "life" updates they post all these 'astute observations' about the current marketing/ ad scene in Pakistan,a long with their oh-so-insightful recommendations that would put Kolter to shame ( it was Kotler right?- been ages since I opened a textbook) ( TEXT book, I love reading books otherwise-just clarifying)

Anyway, not to be left behind, I thought that I should also share my  marketing wisdom with the world, but. but. but. writing about it is so TIRESOME- I don't want to make my blog look like a marketing class- no offense to 'The idea Artist' - which is one of the blogs I follow that one is good cause it is meant to deal with marketing, what does calories in half a teacup of whatever have to do with it?-  don't get me wrong, I love my job, being a media planner, although it being just a wee tip of the ice berg, is still very enriching job to have- learn something new everyday..... Ok done! I said something serious, grown up and marketing-ish, do I really HAVE to give my input now over 'Engro Rupya', or 'Mobile Hai Internet?'   


A few Blogs which I find very read-worthy these days

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