Wednesday, November 17, 2010

# 49- I 'think' i'm paranoid

Hence the thinking that I am or might be, paranoid might be a part of the paranoia itself-

I have been told that I tend to 'over think' and derive conclusions where they might not even remotely exist, and in the process drive myself absolutely insane. I try not to do this- but I always end up doing it- the over flowing waves of thoughts travel in waves from the impossibly positive( which is not technically paranoid since its connotation is negative) to the absurdly negative and my mood rides the wave with it. I need to find balance! 

Sometimes I over think to the point that it starts to effect my interactions with other people. I will be fine with them one day and then I'll get a about of thoughts from what could be ( or maybe could not be?) the most insignificant action of theirs and create a tornado of thoughts where there might be just a small puff of breeze.

I suppose I sometimes do this because there have been times that I have bypassed things as being insignificant and then have them get out of control and knock me off when I least expect it. Hence I think it's better- (provided you don't drive yourself insane) to be paranoid.

Ok since I have also made it a point not to just whine whine whine all the time, I am going to talk about something else. I started exercise again ( finally) here is to a thinner 2011.


  1. A watched pot never boils. But it does get paranoid.

  2. i totally agree with the part of u deriving conclusions when therz nuthin to worry about :P

  3. @ blond guy: That is very profound.

    @Talha:Well, I don't do it THAT much!