Saturday, July 2, 2011

# 101- No time to breathe & cubicle wars.

This is the second of July and I am already going crazy. I have a favorite cousin over from Belgium and we together have a million things to do, a million relatives to meet and a million weddings to attend.

Along with all of that I have been going crazy with a cubicle war at work. There was this girl who went on maternity leave for a whole YEAR and when she came back she had her eye on this cubicle that I already had been sitting in. Since she is two levels of management senior to me, I think she was automatically assuming that I would quietly get up and move once she got there. *eye-roll*  This is exactly how the convo went:

Her: (Walking in and putting all her things on my desk) Hello how are you?
Me: ( Looking at her in shock WTF is she doing!) :Er... hi ( get your stuff off my desk!)
Her: Oh so will  I be sitting HERE? ( pointing to where I was ALREADY sitting)
Me: (Trying to look as calm as possible) Er.. I am sitting here!
Her: ( Giving an EVIL smile, and patting me on the head): NOT FOR LONG......
Me: :S.......

Anyway, I KEPT on sitting there and she kept hovering around my desk hoping I would move- I didn't dare. I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. By the end of the day, I was feeling sick. But least I held on to the place. 

I may have won the battle but the war is not over yet! Let's see what happens on Monday.


  1. Weddings are crazy fun!
    Luck for the cabin. I hope you have a freedom-to-pee monday =D
    Good blog btw =)

  2. I really hope you have fun with your cousin and at the weddings. Can't say much about relatives caz half of them are weird/awkward to be around. Well, at least in my family they are LOL. :P And I hope the maternity-leave-female moves somewhere else. :)

  3. @ Delilah: yeah weddings are crazy! Especially the ones we have here. I did get to pee today! ( refer to my upcoming post) :)

    @Aaishah: Thanks, and yeah I think everyone has some crazy relatives. You're not alone! hahaha

  4. Weddings are AMAZING! I mainly go for the food <3.

    LOL! Adults are funny :P.

  5. @ Nas:

    Yeah I go for the food too. But these days I am on a diet cause I need to fit into this sari that I have to wear for YET another wedding. :S

  6. Hahahaha! The awkwardness of the cubicle war cracked me up. Hope you end up getting your cubicle permanently! :) Btw, just asking, whats so special about it :P

  7. haha thank you, and guess what. I DID get the cubicle!...for now :S ( I just kept sitting there are refused to get up so she HAD to sit someplace else)

    The cubicle is special cause it is 1)strategically located near the AC
    2) Near my friends
    3) very comfy