Thursday, July 7, 2011

# 102- Titled Untitled

Remember the protest week that I had going on? Ah, it brought me such peace and quiet. I seem to have forgotten my leanings from that. I am now going to put it back into action again. (although not in such an extreme way)

There was been way too much information in my head lately. Need to clear it out, by letting it 'evaporate' instead of sharing. That is why I am not writing it here! :)

In other news, I really need to get back to reading. I used to spend at least 2-3 hours a day reading back in school, and now it just seems like there is not enough time. I really miss those days when I would spend hours with a book. Now I have decided that I will restart it again. It will make me also, stay at home more, which will lead to me;

1) Spending less money, which will in turn help me save money to execute my long-term 'master plan'.
2) Eat less food from outside and therefore eat healthier.
3) Have some semblance of peace and quiet in my life for a change. 

Here are some of the books of my to-be-read-list.
Typical China VS Russia Spy stuff- with probably America saving the world in the end *eyeroll*

Second part of an AMAZING series. Overshadowed only by Harry Potter and LOTR

Love anything & everything by him, so will read it regardless


  1. I read Insomnia , Stephen King last night!!!!!!!!!!! I read the Tommy Knockers ages ago. I liked Insomnia more than it.:D

    Hahahah, nice plans. But most of us can't save enough cash to buy "all' the book we want. Good luck with that. Happy reading. Cheers.

  2. you forgot to mention that you will be borrowing Son of A Witch from me, and I was the one who discovered Tommyknockers amongst a stack of books at your house :O
    LOL sorry for being so mean :P i love you! ♥

  3. so what's ur master plan? =D
    oh yes, reading is good =D i luv snuggling wd a book for the 2 quiet hours kesc takes my electricity away.
    i havent read any of these. do a review on em!

  4. Congratulations for making all these healthy lifestyle decisions. You're my newest role model.

    Stephen King!!!

  5. Master plan. You remind me of Brain from Pinky and the brain (one of my fav childhood cartoons!).

    I need to start reading more too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. @Hamza: I have not read insomnia yet. I have heard it is good though.Tommy Knockers was kept in a pile of books in my house I didn't even know existed!

    @Furree: Yes, yes OKAY. The credit goes to you for finding the book! :) love you too

    @Sana: My master plan is mentioned in my last post :) move outta this place! Freedom! Woohooo.

    @ Blond Guy: It is indeed an honor. Thank you -_-

    @Nas: hahah I remember that show. That and animanics! :)

  7. and yes, I will review these too InshAllah :)