Wednesday, July 20, 2011

# 105 - Take a walk with me.( Here we go again) – Part 1

I feel it coming once more, here we go again
Where? Where are you going?
Well, well are not literally going anywhere. I meant it metaphorically
I knew that, I was just saying.
Oh. Okay then. But let’s pretend we are going somewhere, would you like to walk with me?
Sorry, it is getting a little dark here.
Where are we by the way?
In the deep recesses of my mind
I see, is that why it is so dark in here?
It is not always so dark, sometimes there is light
Ok, but why not now?
I am not sure. I think I know the reason, but I might be mistaken.
Alright, shall we keep walking in the meanwhile?
Yes, I suppose we should, we need to find the light
It’s been a while now; do you even know where you are going?
I think I do, I hope I am not going around in circles.
Let’s just keep moving and see what happens.
I think I need to rest a while
But why? Why now? When you have almost gotten through the darkness?
I don’t ….. I don’t know. I don’t even know why I am doing this.
It is the right thing to do.
Are you sure? What if I should turn back?
That is something only you can answer for yourself.
If I could, then I wouldn’t be asking you
What I say does not matter. You need to decide for yourself.
You are right. Damn it. This place is like a maze….wait! I think I see some light in the distance
You do? That’s great! Let’s get to it!
No. Not right now. We must rest
Why? Its so close!
I know. I want to get there eventually But we must wait a while.
Ok, if you say so.
How much longer will we have to keep sitting here? I want to get a move on!
Not that long. Do you hear that?
Hear what?
That! That voice. It’s saying something
I can’t hear anything. Maybe only you are supposed to hear it.


  1. Frowny faces right back to the comment above me. Go read a book, jerk!

    I love peoms written in this format. Maybe you wouldn't call it a poem, but that's how I consider it. Anyway, I like it.

  2. @Zy : haha, it is okay. I didn't really get it either. It just popped into my head and I wrote it down :)

    @Blond Guy : Thanks for liking it. It is not really a poem, I don't think I'd be very good at poetry. It was inspired partly by a conversation I had with a friend on facebook and a Stephen King book I read once.

  3. Ahhh, clever!
    The voices in your mind on paper.
    I likes it!

  4. It does set a mood, it's easy to picture walking through a strange place having that conversation.

  5. @Nas: Thanks! :D I'll try to do this more often.

    @ Tex: Thank you! :)