Sunday, June 26, 2011

# 100 - Someday I'll fly away, leave all this to yesterday

I've lately been having dreams of escaping this place, of getting away. Not just for a vacation, but permanently shifting out of this place I am in. I am truly beginning to feel that professionally, academically, financially,and personally, there is nothing left for me here anymore. 

I need to make a move. I need to be out of this place, out of this country, and leave everything behind. It is not about wanting to 'run away', it is about 'moving on' with life. Sort of like having a start to a 5-year plan. InshAllah.

I feel uneasy, like the calm before a storm, and I need to remain collected and get out before it is too late. I need to start and act immediately, and I cannot let anyone get in my way. Everything is just going to go downhill from here, and I don't want to be around when it crashes.


  1. This sounds exactly like me six months ago! *hugs* Hang in there, start working out what your plan is, and don't act too hastily.

  2. I agree with the person above. Take it easy. Take a few breaths and think it through properly. It's a big decision to make, and by no means an easy one.
    All the best of luck :).

  3. YES! you need a change, a massive one, for the better.
    to be honest there is barely any opportunity left here to have a satisfactory life. you deserve something way better, even if it means moving away from meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. @Experiment House: aww *hug* Thanks. but what was your plan six months ago?

    @Nas: Yeah, I know that it is not going to be easy. :) but it's something I need to start working towards InshAllah. Baby Steps!

    @Furree: Thank you love! I love you, and if I move away I'll miss you the most! <3

    @ Blond Guy: That sounds pretty good. I might come to Houston next year, and Ohio as well, are any of the two near Atlanta? ( I am sorry my geography is horrible) :S

  5. Haha you're right. No hope here, no opportunities. I plan to get out ASAP too!