Thursday, June 16, 2011

# 97 - A nice weekend and some clarification

The last weekend I spent was really interesting. I finally managed to see a movie that Furree Katt and I had been wanting to see for the longest time:

It was different from the book, but nevertheless, really, really, really creepy :s

This was one of the creepiest parts of the movie:

Come play with us...forever and ever and ever

After the movie we pretty much spent the rest of the night analyzing how it was different from the book, and kept getting weird  looks from Furee's brother and mom ( who also saw the movie with us- but had not read the book yet). Actually, if you have not read the book- it is a pretty lame movie.

I would like to make a mention of the director here, Stanley Kurbick, who is known for his talent in making 'unsettling' movies. Here is another one of his directed movies also adapted by a really famous novel called 'A clockwork orange' by Anthony Burgess. First read the book before you watch the movie, or else you won't enjoy it.

This movie also ends differently from the book

We even went online later on and discovered some blogs exclusively related to the movie, ( The Shining)  I can't really remember the links right now but I will post them soon.

As far has the clarification I was talking about; I heard through the grape-vine that quite a few of you do don't know how old I am.

Any guesses? :D


  1. I didn't read this book, nor I have seen the movie. iLazy.
    Umm, 17th? Furree is 17. You should be 17 too. LOL. B)

  2. I've seen the film. REDRUM. :D
    Just after the picture of the scene you have, blood 8-).
    The funniest bit was when the guy gets 'intimate' with that woman in the bath who then turns out to be some next old lady 8-).

    I've not yet read the book, should I?


  3. Oh and guesses. I think you're in your late teens / early 20's being an office worker n'all.


  4. Whoa. I loved The Shining. Both the book and the movie. I hated how things were so different though. did some research myself.
    Epic stuff.
    Oh and I think you're in your 20s.

  5. Haha, I havent read the book. Is it good?
    Im guessing you're... Well, since you work, probably 21.

  6. THE SHINING WAS AWESOOOOOOMMMEEEEE (though the book was 24523745238x better)
    it was fun watching it with you! ♥

    and LOOOOOOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the above answers regarding your age (especially 17 HAHAHAHAHA)

  7. I don't think you're older than 22. And hi!

  8. @ Maryam : You really should read the book! :)

    @Nas: You should read it too! :)

    @ Zy: Thank you for the links, I'll check them out :)

    @Chocolate Milk: The book is amazing, scariest thing I have ever read.

    @ Furree: HAHAHA

    @ Lionness: Hello :)

    @ Everyone: NO, Oh My God, I am not 17, I am not 21, I am not even in my early twenties! I have been working for the past 3 years, I finished my MBA a year ago, and Furree Katt is my friend, yes, but she is also my niece, HER mom is my friend too, and also my cousin!

    Now guesss! :)