Tuesday, December 28, 2010

# 59 - The food blog

I thought that I ought to write a post related to what my blog was originally intended to be about - I do that sometimes. Ok, So my diet/exercise is going pretty well now, have lost 7 pounds and umm i guess 7 or 8 more to go. I can't wait. I hope it  really happens.

I've really turned around my eating style, nothing too heavy in the morning or at night, and I eat normally in the afternoon/evening time, it really helps your digestion process or something like that.

What I ate for lunch today:Mushroom Soup

Weight training and Tae-Bo is also helping me in a major way. You have no idea of how even 15 minutes of weight training a day can help you tone, it's crazy difficult but really pays off.

It 's a funny story how I discovered Tae-bo, it was an the end of this ancient Jane Fonda video that my sister-in-law had bought years ago, and boom! I had a whole new perspective
on exercise!
I also have a pair of 2 Kg weights at home which are also a great help.
I don't really need to use anything heavier than that so it's cool.

Ok, I'm not perfect though, in the process of writing this article I also ate some of these:
                                               A little bit of what heaven must be like

BUT, this just means an extra half an hour of exercise today, I think I'll manage it.


  1. I've been trying tae bo for years..but I'm not constant with it.. like last last week I've been on it for 3 days.. then next day.. I won't until I forget all about it..and decide again to do it.. I think it doesn't pay off because I don't take it seriously.. glad it works out for you...but my step-dad bought a treadmill.. that I just go walk and run on it.. and now I'm loving it... I need to lose so many damn pounds!! I mean seriously.. so I'm getting a little serious about my exercise and eating habits right now..

    hmmm.. sorry for the long comment.. i just felt I connected with you somehow on that.

  2. Hey, no thanks I loved your comment!

    You should really give tae-bo another try if you can, you will grow to really like it. The treadmill is pretty cool too, a cousin of mine has it in her house and whenever I go there I run on it for a while. It IS fun! :)