Saturday, December 11, 2010

#54 - OMG am I back? am I back?

Apologies to my handful or so of readers who might have been missing me. But I had been suffering a major mental block and not to mention had (thankfully) been very busy, so did not have time to write. Now I feel that this was being majorly unfair to my dear blog.

I thank God now that life is better than it was before, i have lost 5 pounds! ( that means I have reached 25% of my goal), I got a mild promotion at work, and I made a couple of new friends, God has been kind and my blog helped along the way.

There are still a few things which keep lingering on my mind and heart, maybe by the time the new year dawns I will have figure a way out. But I am not going to rush it, I am going to let it simmer. Rome was not built in a day, and patience is virtue.. ( Ok now I am going to stop with the lame-ass adages and talk about something more interesting).

but like what?....

maybe I need a few more days to get the cogs in my mind turning.


  1. Welcome back! Yay!

    I hate it when my Blog Gag is in full swing. I feel so, impotent.

  2. haha, you said makes me feel.... barren?


  3. LOL. welcome back, missed you!
    and congratulations on the promotion and the new dosts and the weight loss.