Sunday, December 12, 2010

# 55 - The heart always wants what the mind resisits.....

Why must it always be so?

Why does ones heart always go in that exact direction where your mind puts a great big STOP sign. The bigger the STOP sign, the brighter the flashing lights warning you to turn back the more forcefully ones heart stomps away in that very direction.

It can be anything from a matter of the heart ( haha a made a pun! WIN!) to a matter of avoiding that leftover chocolate bar in the fridge, to putting the snooze on the alarm for just five more minutes even though you know it going to make you late for work, when you have already used up all the lates for the month.

So why do we do this? Why are we always irresistibly attracted to that which we know is totally wrong for us? Why in the battle of the heart and mind, the heart almost always tends to win, and if the mind does manage to get the occasional victory, it leaves it usually too exhausted to reap the befits of the win.)

( notice I am careful in my wording, I use the words 'almost always' and 'occasional' and 'usually' - so don't blame me for generalizing)

Anyway my diagnosis of the situation is that we as humans tend to be inherently  self-destructive. Yes, that is the crux of it that is what we are. We live to destroy ourselves, mentally,physically and emotionally, and those who don't well.... I'd say they are a little selfish don't you think?

As a famous writer ( I forget the name) said -  "There is a pleasure in being mad, that none but mad men know"  

This may seem out of context, but it makes sense to me.

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  1. "There is a pleasure in being mad, that none but mad men know"
    how smart is THAT!
    *highfives for the pun*