Thursday, March 24, 2011

# 85 The family wedding and my family and other animals- Part II

OK, I am finally continuing this post , when I left off we were off to the event in an entourage of cars, me with my parents and the cougars maid, while she was off gallivanting with an unwilling guy, one-third her age.

So we were going in the car, all cars moving in file, being careful not lose sight of the cars in front. ( For some reason, even though the venue was at a really well-known place, no one seemed to know where it ACTUALLY was).And of course, as expected, we kept losing sight of cars on the way and kept having to stop at random sides of roads waiting for the others to catch up. It always, always, ended up being on some lonely wayside where I would have to keep looking around in fear of  the next 'mobile snatcher' who would turn up and take my precious ( and recently purchased) blackberry away from me.  :O. So I put it on silent and hid it under the seat in front, (which was a little stupid cause  it kept vibrating with  notifications as I was incessantly texting Furree Katt, and my other cousins with updates as to what was going on. ( I was very bored).

Ok, so we finally reached the venue ( which was actually some navy museum) and it turns out that out of the 7,893 cars that had come along together, only THREE were going to be allowed inside. So we all had to park faaaaar away from the actual gate and then walk all the way inside. Even from inside the gate, we had to cross a small park, an effin DRAW BRIDGE ( yes, it was an actual draw bridge, wobbly and all, with ravines below!! - well, maybe not ravines, more like 3 feet of water, but still, it was pretty dramatic) and then another mud laden path before we got the actual marquee.

Everyone was complaining about the long walk, and was also wondering that how would the bride with her over-the-top heavy clothes and make up that Pakistani brides tend to have.Anyway, we started the walk FINALLY after standing in a group for 10 minutes, discussing how long and annoying the walk was going to be. My mum ( who hates exercise) was I think most annoyed by the prospect of having to walk the quarter-kilometer or so went like this:

Me: Okay, come on mum, lets go
Mum: (after taking three steps) Uff! What a long walk

At long last, after ruining my precious three-inch golden heels in the mud, we entered the marquee, and everyone ran to get to the table which was nearest to the food arrangement/pedestal fans/opening in the tent so that we could get some fresh air.

Finally all seated, I went back to my observing of the events and people around me, once more making notes for my blog for all you precious readers to read.

[ Ok, I am getting a little tired now and am tempted to break this point into yet another part and make in into a complete wedding 'trilogy' but I don't know if is going to be such a good idea or not,it's actually lunch time at work and the India-Australia match is going on, whoever wins will play us in the semi-finals and no one is sure who we rather be up against. Long story short, everyone is watching the match in the employee lounge, no one is working, and I am getting distracted from this blog post for the moment]


  1. This sounds like something that would have happened to my family =p it must have been a relief to sit near those pedestal fans - hot hot whether. You must have been a sight running in ur three inch heels in the mud! =p i cant even WALK in them.

  2. that long walk sounds harsh! weddings are sooo inconvenient!

    ahahah too funnyyyyyyyyyy
    i hate it when everyone's heard of a certain venue but no one knows how to get there! and that following-cars thing happens way too much in our family lol
    WHY OH WHY must you make us wait? i'm dying to know what else happened (please mention the part of what your mum said to that person about their dress PLEASE)

  4. Hahhahaha i love families and attending weddings with them lol

  5. I WANT TO GO TO A WEDDING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!! Do you have pics of the bride and groom? It actually sounds like a nice place, this Naval ground thing.

  6. @ Sana: I know, I hate summer weddings, and I LOVE hells, which is why it was such a pain to spoil them!

    @Anon: haha, weddings can also be fun, but that is rare!

    @Furree Katt: hahah I know, you know how funny my mum can be! Yes, Yes InshAllah very soon, in face I'll probably write one today.

    @AL : haha, yeah. If nothing then they at least provide lots of material to blog about!

    @ The girl with the blue earring: hahha, come to Pakistan and I'll take you along to a wedding with me :) No, I dont have any pics of the bride and groom, but I am sure they will land up on facebook sooner or later, so I'll take them there!

  7. @Sana: OMG I did uff, so embarassing!