Wednesday, March 9, 2011

# 82- Don't run toward, Don't run away. Just stand there

Since I am having another sleepness night, I have decided that I might as well use this time to write a blog post quickly before my laptop battery runs down ( It's currently at 41%).

I have realized something while I was trying to fall asleep for the past 2 hours but not managing to. Quite a few leanings I am getting this month from practicing various things. 

As per my previous posts, I learnt that SILENCE is the best policy when it comes to problems ( which have no solution) that you keep thinking about over and over again. So I stopped talking about my problems to people - well maybe except here on this blog- because it's my 'happy place'- anyway, so I stopped talking about my problems to people, I tried to be more quiet than I usually am, and it helped! I had a sense of calm and it worked for me.

Now my next step, ( what I mean to talk about right now when I say that I have come to a realization). The realization is that:

For a great part of my life  now I have always been running away or running toward something or the other.

Running toward love, running away from love, running away from confrontation, running toward trying to fix problems that don't concern me, running away from people at the right time and running toward those same people at the wrong time.

I mean enough. I have had enough of running 'away' and 'towards'. I am going to try and stop now. I am not going to run away, but I am not going to run toward either. No matter what the issue is. I am just going to stand there and watch me burn.... ok no kidding, haha, I just like that song.

Ok back to the serious topic. New learning for me:

STOP running away  STOP running towards.Just stand where I am and have faith in God.

Hope this helps, I am going to start implementing it from this morning, which should start in about.... 7 hours.

31 battery remaining.

I wonder if there is enough time for me to read a new random Listverse articles before I try to force myself to sleep, or do the self destructive thing and put the laptop on charge so I can keep loitering about here till 5 am.


  1. Hope you stop running.. good luckk :)
    And trueee silence can be the best policy at timess! :)

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  3. Sometimes being reticent is a better option. Go for it. Goodluck!

  4. I just hope u wont change ur mind any time soon, as u mentioned in ur profile. Just stay where u are.
    Be rather nonchalant about things, nothing wrong with that.

  5. @Chhipa: You are welcome, and thanks for visiting!

    @Nostalgic: Yes, I am beginning to feel that it really is :)

    @Liar: It's not really about me changing my mind, I hope that my mind does not change itself.... it tends to have a mind of it's own :s
    And yes,nonchalance-y all the way from now, pray I don't falter.

  6. just be there bcoz God is always with u to guide u n help u out

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