Monday, January 3, 2011

# 62 - Missing keys,clips,receipts and parallel universes

Have you ever had a hairclip, a pair of keys, sunglasses or some other random item just disappear into nowhere from right in front of your eyes and remain missing for an indefinite amount of time only to resurface in the most unexpected place hours/days/weeks later.

A worm-hole traveler in your very home

No one knows where they go, or how they come back, no one comes and goes into your room except for you, yet these random items seem to appear and disappear out of their accord.-Sometimes from your very own handbag.

I am sure I didn't even need to ask this to anyone in my opening sentence, it happens with everyone, and there is only one logical explanation for it:

The parallel universe.

Yes. It really exists A self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own, and sometimes these little odds and ends somehow vanish into the other world, so that we can be bothered by their absence until somehow they manage to return.

For somereason this does not effect people, I wonder why, I would rather like to see what Oz is like.


  1. Or maybe you just left them by the toaster.

    One of the two.

  2. Hahaha.. I don't know.. I'm really not sure if this had ever happen to me... because I always tend to forgot where I put my things..when I unconsciously lay them wherever.. but my friend somehow believe in this concept... but scares me... and my mom always lost everything... and I'm the only one who manage to find it because she's using her mouth looking for it.. I mean she rant and rant and rant whenever she lost something.. and I know this has been a long comment.. sorry x)

  3. @ Blonde Guy: Yeah, could be :)

    @ Kamila : ahhaha you are lucky if it has not happened to you! it's funny how you said that your mom keeps ranting about she has lost something! and please don't apologize for your long comments, I really like reading them! :)

  4. wow your theory actually makes sense! this was a great post. and yeah somehow everything DOES magically appear near a toaster.

  5. "and there is only one logical explanation for it:

    The parallel universe."

    that line makes a big impact! and why would you like to see Oz?

  6. @ Anon: BecOZ it sounds like fun! :D

  7. Well I may not believe in parallel universe but still same scenario has happened to me. Things do disappear and then appear but i count this as i may not have been looking attentively

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  9. Hey Kamila,

    I saw your blog post!

    Thanks! Will return the favour soon!