Monday, January 3, 2011

# 61 - All lame indian songs still remind me of you

Oh yes they do.

They make me think of the old days, when we were just kids chilling in school, and everything was so carefree, everything was so perfect. The future lay stretched out in front of us like lovely wondrous plains waiting to be conquered. We were so giddy with excitement to begin our journey, to take that first step,which would be the first among the thousands to reach to the place where we dreamed to be.

We went through hail and rain and sunshine and storm, there was darkness and light, tears and joy, no matter what happened we still managed to go through

Then why did our steps falter so close to the destination?

It's all your fault.You lost the strength to carry on. Material things tempted you and all what was before was forgotten. You changed, and that changed me.

I hate you for it, because I am someone else now. I talk to other people, I have different friends, I look at life differently than when I did before.I am independent, and I am strong, and I don't need any one to take care of me.

but then, why do all lame Indian songs still remind me of you?


  1. maybe because they're LAME. and it reminds you of the LAMENESS.