Thursday, April 28, 2011

# 90 - Prose anyone?

I've been reading a few blogs lately which write some awesome prose. A lot of it is very emotional, sad, touching and other emo words which I can use to describe them but cannot think of right now because I am half asleep as I write this.

I've been thinking of giving it a go myself,I have written some of it down, and it's pretty emo. I am reluctant to post it because I am afraid of sounding like I am a lovesick puppy/depressed/suicidal/attention seeking/needy - which I would really like to think that I am not. -_-

I really want to post them,but I feel that I will just feel stupid about them once they are 'out there' and then want to delete them, which will make me feel even more stupid.

I really do not know what to do.


  1. POSTITPOSTITPOSTIT! I used to think ALL of what you just said but then I posted it and now I feel good about myself. Do you remember my emo/needy post about Disney movies and cuddling? That was such a post. But I posted it. And I felt nice seeing all the comments, too ^^

  2. YOU MUST POST IT. this is where you can express yourself properly, na? if not here then where else?
    no one will think you're emo, trust me

  3. @Furee and @Lioness:

    Oh I want to write it so much! But (well, apart from Furree) there are a few people who know me in person who also read this blog occasionally, and I don't want them to see it... for various reasons.

    Like,imagine I'm at work and someone might say, 'OH ARE YOU DEPRESSED?, I READ YOUR BLOG POST WHAT HAPPENED?!!!' .... that is so tactless!!

    I hate it when people do that, blog life, well, 'operates' in a different way from real life, Fureee knows, whenever she or I blog about something sensitive we NEVER discuss it when we meet.. it's common courtesy,don't you agree,Furree?)

    I'm going to write a blog post about this now. haha

  4. hahahahaha
    YES blog life is different from real life!
    this is so funny, you are right behind me in the same room and i'm commenting on your blog hahahaha wish i had a webcam