Tuesday, April 26, 2011

# 89- There is a ghost in my bathroom!

oh yes there is.

I've been meaning to post about this for some time now as well - but somehow have not managed to yet. (As is the case with a lot of my posts-but this one has been a major exception) Maybe it is this that is preventing me from exposing its evil secrets:

I am pretty sure it's not this cute

So the reason for my suspicion is that there have been some rather strange phenomenon in my bathroom for the past few months or so:

1) The Water:  The hot/cold water balance seems to have a mind of its own. Living in Karachi,Pakistan, you would have to know that you are extremely fortunate if you do not have any major water problems in the area that you live, which thankfully,I don't. The water works fine in every part of the house except for MY bathroom. Everytime I have to wash my hands/take a shower the cold water suddenly stops working and all im left with is boiling hot water to burn my hands,hair and other cannot-be-named body parts with. Whenever this happens I have to just stop whatever I am doing and just wait with soap in my eyes,hair etc until all of a sudden the cold water starts working again.

2) The Spiders: Normally, house spiders are normal, non-threatening creatures that like to mind their own business and don't really bother you if you leave them alone. BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE IN MY BATHROOM?!!!

I iz in ur bathroomz watching you poopz

There is nothing interesting in my bathroom for them, except for the occasional mosquito or two.So why would they be there? I have no idea.

3) The Dust- Ok this is just me being lazy and blaming it on the ghost. But you never know.



  1. Haha, cute post. I like the last part :p
    It happens with me *wonders if i have a bathroom ghost too* =/
    The dust and spiders just love my bathroom. LOL. I hope you find a way to tackle with this not-so-cool bhooot :D


  2. My washroom has Lizards sometimes. Not those choti wali, but those huge choori one's. =s I hate lizards and spiders.

  3. Hmm...I think spiders have pretty much fallen in love with my bathroom. That would explain why they're ALWAYS there!!

    But you know.

    I loved that ghost picture. It was freaking adorable.

  4. i love spiders and the bathroom! and i wish i had sucha cute ghost to haunt me =D i'd befriend it lol. im only scared of reptiles. yuck creatures.

  5. @ Nostalgic: haha, I hope so too. I just came out of the shower a while ago.Same problem. uff.

    @Acetyl: Lizards! My room has the occasional lizars but thank God not my bathroom, and to be very honest,spiders and lizards I can live with.But cockroaches.That is the stuff of my nightmares.

    @Eeshie:I know! I loved the pic too, I bet the ghost in my bathroom is nothing as adorable as that.If he was he would not be bugging me so much!

    @Sana: awww..kafi cute hai,I don't dislike spiders as such, but the ones who reside at my place have the most rude habit of staring!

  6. :O i was waiting for this post!
    i think your ghost likes me, because i haven't had a problem in your bathroom, ever. i haven't even seen a spider.
    pictures are too cute! i actually used the spider one for a flash card a couple of months back.

    ♥ love you

    Sometimes I just FEEL his presence, but mostly what happens is, my phone starts making noises as soon as I sit down in front of it. Really. It's fun. I smile at it when it does that. And then I feel really lame. BUT IT'S STILL AWESOME. And I love spiders. And I cannot have a proper bath without hot water!

  8. @Furree: hahaha you are very lucky!! Today it happened as usual, I'm getting tired of this!!

    @Lioness: Wow! :o That is a little cool and a little creepy at the same time! :) What kind of noises?? :S