Tuesday, December 28, 2010

# 59 - The food blog

I thought that I ought to write a post related to what my blog was originally intended to be about - I do that sometimes. Ok, So my diet/exercise is going pretty well now, have lost 7 pounds and umm i guess 7 or 8 more to go. I can't wait. I hope it  really happens.

I've really turned around my eating style, nothing too heavy in the morning or at night, and I eat normally in the afternoon/evening time, it really helps your digestion process or something like that.

What I ate for lunch today:Mushroom Soup

Weight training and Tae-Bo is also helping me in a major way. You have no idea of how even 15 minutes of weight training a day can help you tone, it's crazy difficult but really pays off.

It 's a funny story how I discovered Tae-bo, it was an the end of this ancient Jane Fonda video that my sister-in-law had bought years ago, and boom! I had a whole new perspective
on exercise!
I also have a pair of 2 Kg weights at home which are also a great help.
I don't really need to use anything heavier than that so it's cool.

Ok, I'm not perfect though, in the process of writing this article I also ate some of these:
                                               A little bit of what heaven must be like

BUT, this just means an extra half an hour of exercise today, I think I'll manage it.

# 58 - It's freezing!

It's freezing here in my city, and although I thought winter had come weeks ago, it really seems to have hit now.
The weather forecast says its 9 C but I think it has to be at least 6 or 7. I'm so cold, I should go and wear some socks.

Monday, December 27, 2010

# 57- I'm not that girl

I got a recommendation to read 'The Wizard of Oz' from a dear friend today, she said it was a pre-requisite for this book called 'Wicked' which is a prequel or something to the original book, and it's supposed to be really good.

I don't believe it, I had seen the movie so many times as a kid, but I never read the book, now that I am reading it, it's actually quite nice. The kind that is a obviously meant for kids, but that the adult who likes to read books would also enjoy. I am really zooming through it cause I can't wait to read Wicked. It's been made into a musical as well, and has a really nice song (which is the title of my blog post today).

I love reading old books, especially like  these. Books which are good make my heart glow with happiness when I read them, and many of you will think that I am being very over dramatic here, but some of you may understand.

On another note, the year is finally drawing to a close, and oh.my.God. What a year it has been.

Hands touch, eyes meet,
sudden silence, sudden heat
hearts leap in a giddy world.
He could be that boy,
but I'm not that girl 
An illustration of my life this year

I feel like I have grown as a person so much this year. It has been one major emotional and mental roller coaster ride, which is not exactly over but still, I think over the past 361 ( about 4 days left) I have somewhat learned to ride the roller coaster without shutting my eyes in fear. I feel a wee more confident that I can take on the next dip that comes along ( which would be the 'x' marked on the graph right here.

Don't dream too far, don't lose sight of who you are,
don't remember that rush of joy.
He could be that boy,
I'm not that girl 

 I really am not the girl that I was before.I wouldn't say I'm better or worse, just different. I do at times miss the way things used to be, cause I was used  to them being that way, now suddenly everything is different.
( Notice I tend to write a lot without giving too much away, I don't think I need to, I guess by being vague people might be able to relate more to what I write, as they can adapt my words to their own frame of mind)

Every so often we long to steal,
to the land of what might have been,
but that doesn't soften the ache we feel
when reality sets back in

Saturday, December 25, 2010

# 56 - Update

I wanted to update everyone that I am still here even though I have been neglecting my blog a lot.
That happens when I tend to be a little on the happy side MashAllah. ( not that I mean this blog to be depressing or anything, but for some reason I tend to write a lot more when I am feeling a little down cause it helps me to feel better).
But this is not right, no matter what my mood is I do not want to lose my commitment to blogging, hence here I am again.
I have some ideas for a few more posts but I need to take some photos to accompany them, once that is done I shall post something more readable.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

# 55 - The heart always wants what the mind resisits.....

Why must it always be so?

Why does ones heart always go in that exact direction where your mind puts a great big STOP sign. The bigger the STOP sign, the brighter the flashing lights warning you to turn back the more forcefully ones heart stomps away in that very direction.

It can be anything from a matter of the heart ( haha a made a pun! WIN!) to a matter of avoiding that leftover chocolate bar in the fridge, to putting the snooze on the alarm for just five more minutes even though you know it going to make you late for work, when you have already used up all the lates for the month.

So why do we do this? Why are we always irresistibly attracted to that which we know is totally wrong for us? Why in the battle of the heart and mind, the heart almost always tends to win, and if the mind does manage to get the occasional victory, it leaves it usually too exhausted to reap the befits of the win.)

( notice I am careful in my wording, I use the words 'almost always' and 'occasional' and 'usually' - so don't blame me for generalizing)

Anyway my diagnosis of the situation is that we as humans tend to be inherently  self-destructive. Yes, that is the crux of it that is what we are. We live to destroy ourselves, mentally,physically and emotionally, and those who don't well.... I'd say they are a little selfish don't you think?

As a famous writer ( I forget the name) said -  "There is a pleasure in being mad, that none but mad men know"  

This may seem out of context, but it makes sense to me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#54 - OMG am I back? am I back?

Apologies to my handful or so of readers who might have been missing me. But I had been suffering a major mental block and not to mention had (thankfully) been very busy, so did not have time to write. Now I feel that this was being majorly unfair to my dear blog.

I thank God now that life is better than it was before, i have lost 5 pounds! ( that means I have reached 25% of my goal), I got a mild promotion at work, and I made a couple of new friends, God has been kind and my blog helped along the way.

There are still a few things which keep lingering on my mind and heart, maybe by the time the new year dawns I will have figure a way out. But I am not going to rush it, I am going to let it simmer. Rome was not built in a day, and patience is virtue.. ( Ok now I am going to stop with the lame-ass adages and talk about something more interesting).

but like what?....

maybe I need a few more days to get the cogs in my mind turning.