Tuesday, October 4, 2011

# 109 - Gym

I have finally started going to the gym! It's been a month now and it's been helping me feel better. I have not lost any weight in pounds, but I lost in inches and am generally feeling better.

My trainer said that my metabolism is slow and I need to keep it revved up by weights and lose calories by doing cardio. I also, as we all know need to eat 6-8 small meals a day instead of 2-3 big ones. This is the biggest challenge and it really is easier said than done. Espcially if one is working. Imagine, I need to pack 4-5 tiny lunch boxes when I go to work and half the time I end up not doing it. It is so much hassle. Plus all the work stress these days leaves little time to actually think of so many things to eat during the day! 

My workout routine is the following

Monday: Upperbody weight training + 45-60 minutes cardio
Tuesday: Lowerbody weight training + 45-60 minutes cardio
Wednesday: Core training+ 50 minutes cardio
Thursday-Saturday ( repeat of Monday-Wednesday)

All this easily comes to about 90 minutes of exercise a day, 6 times a week. *gulp* I haven't really gotten into the routine yet. It's only my first week on this upped intensive plan. Hope it goes well, I need to lose 4 pounds by the end of October!


  1. It's hard to stick to a workout routine, especially when it's a relatively new start. I've stopped and started working out soo many times, simply because I tend to stick it out more if I actually notice a visible difference.

    I've kind of ditched that mindset though because it's just not the way to go, and I have actually stuck to my current 'set' for a while now, and I can see a positive difference.

    A good idea is to make it enjoyable in some way, it keeps you coming back easier. For me, I just blast music. Makes me lose count of how many reps I've done (in a good way) and just keep on going til it hurts to do more. Maybe not too healthy (I don't go to a gym, I do my stuff at home), but it does seem to pay off for me and my 'type' of body/workout.

    I hope your routine works out for you.

  2. Your workout routine is horrifying. Dude, screw gym.