Saturday, January 15, 2011

# 64 - My blogger award.. Yay! -Part 1

So I got my second blogger award! The first one- 'The Versitile Blogger was given to me by Furee Cat  Furree Katt from The Jackky Bhagnani Obsession and now my second one from Kamila from Basket of Dreams who bestowed this blogger award to me, and now I am going to show it off to you guys:

The versatile blogger award is also there on the right hand side panel ---->

Ok for both awards I need to write a few things about myself and award some as well, this I will do in the second part of my post coming up very soon.

# 63 - I can't find any decent word games online

I really can't.

I tried Yahoo! games but for some reason it is not working. This is most annoying. I have used up all the crossword puzzle books that I had at home and frankly for I am done with crosswords for a while. ( Although they are my favorite nerdy pastime at most times)

Everytime I do find something, it always has some string attached to it, either you have to pay for it, or it's only on a trial basis or some other damn problem.

I want to find something for free!

Monday, January 3, 2011

# 62 - Missing keys,clips,receipts and parallel universes

Have you ever had a hairclip, a pair of keys, sunglasses or some other random item just disappear into nowhere from right in front of your eyes and remain missing for an indefinite amount of time only to resurface in the most unexpected place hours/days/weeks later.

A worm-hole traveler in your very home

No one knows where they go, or how they come back, no one comes and goes into your room except for you, yet these random items seem to appear and disappear out of their accord.-Sometimes from your very own handbag.

I am sure I didn't even need to ask this to anyone in my opening sentence, it happens with everyone, and there is only one logical explanation for it:

The parallel universe.

Yes. It really exists A self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own, and sometimes these little odds and ends somehow vanish into the other world, so that we can be bothered by their absence until somehow they manage to return.

For somereason this does not effect people, I wonder why, I would rather like to see what Oz is like.

# 61 - All lame indian songs still remind me of you

Oh yes they do.

They make me think of the old days, when we were just kids chilling in school, and everything was so carefree, everything was so perfect. The future lay stretched out in front of us like lovely wondrous plains waiting to be conquered. We were so giddy with excitement to begin our journey, to take that first step,which would be the first among the thousands to reach to the place where we dreamed to be.

We went through hail and rain and sunshine and storm, there was darkness and light, tears and joy, no matter what happened we still managed to go through

Then why did our steps falter so close to the destination?

It's all your fault.You lost the strength to carry on. Material things tempted you and all what was before was forgotten. You changed, and that changed me.

I hate you for it, because I am someone else now. I talk to other people, I have different friends, I look at life differently than when I did before.I am independent, and I am strong, and I don't need any one to take care of me.

but then, why do all lame Indian songs still remind me of you?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

# 60- oh dammit! FBL - (facebook life)

Happy New Year all!

Welcome to my very first blog post of 2011. Ok, so getting to the point. I'm sure all of you internet buffs know about FML ( f*** my life) and MLIA ( My life is average), websites where people come and post their life's most messed up,embarrassing, or just plain average moments.But I think none of them can compare to the amount of 'facebook induced' incidents which plague our lives everyday. 

 There is no escape. There is no hiding from it.And there is no privacy.

It is so funny how some people are so, well, I won't use a word as strong as 'obsessed' but well, you could say they take face book so seriously that one would think that it's a matter of life and death.
Every post, every ‘like’, every comment is scrutinized for seem deep hidden meaning that is always aimed directly at YOU.

‘oh my God, did you see that? I changed my display picture and everyone commented on it except for her, she is so totally jealous of me, I don’t believe it- HOW RUDE”. – and they will go on and on about how jealous the individual is – the fact that the person in question might have not even logged on to facebook in three weeks cause they actually have a life will not cross their minds!

I have a rule that I like to stick by, usually. That is –

Whatever happens on facebook, stays on facebook. The end. It is not be considered a part of real life nor is to be taken as seriously.

 Someone made a catty remark on your ‘oh so serious’ and philosophical status.- It does not mean they are out to get you, nor do that fights that seem to ensure on a controversial status update or post

‘He was rude to me on facebook, therefore I will not talk to him properly in person’ 
‘Really? What happened?
He thinks that my Farmville posts are annoying he wrote that on my wall- IMAGINE
Oh my God! That’s horrible! – BLOCK HIM

I do understand that sometimes people tend to mean things on facebook- uploading unflattering pics of the ones you want to embarrass, etc, but that is, I have observed. minimal in comparison to the all mountains out of molehills that people make.

They expect to be able to view everything on each of their friends profile, and you find out that you cannot see someones photos. You assume/deduce that you have been put on that much feared list- the limited profile

OMG I can’t see her photos, when the rest of my friends can. Whatabitch! – BLOCK HER!

This one is my favorite though and really takes the cake-where Facebook is the sweetest form of revenge ‘She was SO rude to me at the party the other day, what does she think of her self? I need to get back to her somehow I know!…. I WILL PUT HER ON LIMITED PROFILE.’ Yeah- like that is worst thing one could do to someone… heh.  

And so on.

The above post was inspired by hours of stirring conversation regarding FBL with my dear friend Furree Katt who owns the awesome blog The Jackky Bhagnani Obsession.